LED Spotlights

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LED Spot lights and LED Light Bars

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We import quality LED Spot lights and LED Bars to South Africa.
All our lights are thoroughly tested before we put it into the market.
Trade enquiries are welcome.

These LED Spotlights and LED bars are ideal for various applications like:

  • Trucks - Commercial vehicles
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Off road vehicles
  • Ships
  • Boats
  • Quad Bikes
  • Farming equipment

Note: Prices below are retail, for wholesale prices please see the contact us page.

You can buy the lights online at http://www.4x4direct.co.za
More lights available from 4x4direct.co.za


LED Bar - 4.8" - 1800 Lumens - 20 watt - 9-32 volt - CREE LEDs - R925.00

LED Bar 1800 lumens

LED Bar - 7.9" - 3600 Lumens - 40 watt - 9-32 volt - CREE LEDs - R1,850.00
LED Bar 7.9 inch

LED Bar 20.5" - 10,800 Lumens - 120 watt - 9-32 volt - CREE LEDs - R4,850.00

Click on image to see light pattern

LED bar 16,200 lumens

LED Bar 30" - 16,200 Lumens - 180 watt - 9-32 volt - CREE LEDs - R7,650.00

LED bar 16000 lumens

LED Bar 40" - 21,600 Lumens - 240 watt - 9-32 volt - CREE LEDs - R10,500.00
LED bar 16000 lumens

LED Bike Spots (Oledone) - CREE LEDs - R430.00

900 Lumens LED Bike Spots are very bright, light and energy efficient.
Ideal for Adventure Bikes and Off road Bikes

Click on image to see light pattern

LED Bike Spotlight

Badger LED Bike Spotlight - 1,000 Lumens - 9-36 Volt DC - IP68 - CREE LEDs - R420.00
Badger bike spotlight

10 Watt Square Bike Spot

10 watt LED spotlight

Badger 80watt LED Spotlight - 7,200 Lumens - 9-36 Volt DC - IP68 - CREE LEDs - R3,950.00 per set
80 watt LED Spotlight

40 Watt LED Spots

40watt LED Spotlights

25 Watt LED Spots

25 watt LED spotlights

Work Lights

18 Watt Worklight

18 Watt worklight

27 Watt Worklight

27 watt worklight

27 Watt Square Worklight

27 watt sqr worklight


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Disclaimer: The lights we supply is for commercial use for mines and earth moving and offroad purposes. There are rumours that the LED Bars are illegal to fit your vehicle in South Africa and Namibia. The laws in both countries were written prior to LED technology and does not include LED lights. There are not any known cases where this was tried in front of the courts yet. At the moment there is uncertainty whether it is legal or not and some traffic officers make misuse of this issue. If you are not sure about the law, do not fit it to your vehicle.